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General Documentation
-DjVu: a Tutorial
-DjVu: Results and Comparisons
-Technical Papers
-DjVu Plug-in v3.x Documentation
For Developers
-DjVu Reference Library 3.0 Source Code
-DjVu Decode SDK 3.0 at LizardTech
-File Format Specs
-Unix man pages
Support, Documentation and Tutorial

Tips, Manuals, and Tutorials for users, web designers, and developers.

General Documentation
DjVu: a Tutorial

A tutorial for end-users, web designers, and developers, on creating, viewing, and publishing DjVu documents, including:
  • when/why use DjVu rather than other formats.
  • how to scan or create material for conversion to DjVu.
  • which DjVu compression tool should be used, and how to use them to produce DjVu images and documents.
  • how to publish DjVu documents on a web site and optimize the user experience.
  • how to trigger the plug-in autoinstall feature.
  • how to index DjVu documents and provide full-text search capabilities.
  • how to add hyperlinks, highlights, and metadata to DjVu documents.
  • how to configure a web server to serve DjVu pages, so that Netscape users won't see gibberish instead of a DjVu image in their browser window.

DjVu: Results and Comparisons

A paper (in DjVu) comparing DjVu with various other other image formats in terms of compression ratio, compression speed, and image quality.

Technical Papers

Various technical papers by the inventors of DjVu with detailed information on how DjVu works inside.


Answers to frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips (somewhat out of date).

DjVu Plug-in v3.x Documentation

Information for plug-in users on how to use the DjVu plug-in, and information for web designers on how to control the plug-in behavior from HTML.

For Developers
DjVu Reference Library 3.0 Source Code

The source code of the DjVu open source reference library 3.0 under GNU GPL at LizardTech.

DjVu Decode SDK 3.0 at LizardTech

Available to software developers and system integrators for integrating support for viewing and manipulating DjVu documents. Supported platforms include: Windows 95/98/NT, Linux, and Solaris.

File Format Specs

The complete specification of the DjVu file format v2.0 for single-page images. The 3.0 format spec is not yet available. Not included in the 2.0 spec are such 3.0 features as the multipage document format, and the description of new chunks in DjVu images such as the hidden text layer, the annotation chunk, the color-per-component mask/foreground chunk, and the MMR and JPEG chunks.

Unix man pages

Manuals of the various command-line tools provided with DjVu 2.0 and 3.0 (slightly out of date with LizardTech's latest 3.x release).

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