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DjVu Companies

Here are some companies that offer DjVu products and services. Jump to the links page for a larger list of sites using DjVu.


LizardTech, a leading developer of imaging solutions for Internet applications, purchased the DjVu technology from AT&T in March 2000, and maintains the official DjVu site at www.djvu.com along with a DjVu products download page.


Expervision produces and distributes end-user software and development toolkits for Optical Character Recognition. Their latest OCR engine supports DjVu-3.x.

Princeton Imaging

Princeton Imaging offers document scanning and conversion services. Princeton Imaging has helped create several high profile DjVu websites.
More information is available on their DjVu conversion service page.

Feith Systems and Software Inc.

Feith Systems and Software Inc is a leading provider of turnkey document management systems. Feith also provides DjVuer and DjVuerPro, two Windows applications for scanning, viewing, and creating DjVu-2.0 files.


ACD Systems, makers of the popular image viewer ACDSee have integrated support for DjVu-2.0 in their latest version of ACDSee.


IrfanView is a freeware image viewing software for Windows that supports many formats. It includes limited support of the DjVu-3.9 format through a plug-in.

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