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AT&T Archives Documents

Explore the long and distinguished history of AT&T Labs invention and discovery in these historic documents. You can also explore these events at the Inside AT&T Labs: Chronolog. Note: If you do not already have the 3.0 version of the DjVu Plug-in installed on your system, you will need to download the 3.0 Plug-in before you can view the documents in the digital library.

Artificial Larynx
The Big Bang, Echo of Creation
Speech-Actuated Manipulator
Inventing the transistor
Cellular telephone technology
Optical Fiber Communcations
Communications Satellites
Electro-Mechanical Sound Recording
Direct Distance Dialing
Error Correction Code Mathematical Theory
Discovery of the wave nature of matter
High Definition Television
The Invention of Negative Feedback
Information Theory
Radio Astronomy
Molecular Beam Epitaxy
High Fidelity Music Reproduction
Scanning Radar
Solar Cell
Sound Motion Pictures
The first electrical digital computer
Telephotographs - pictures by wire
Touch-Tone Telephone
Trans-Atlantic Telephone cable
Trans-Atlantic Radio Service
Christmas 1947, the day the transistor was invented: Brattain's beautiful lab notebook
Television development
Voice English/Spanish Translator
Vocoder, speech synthesizer

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