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Digital Libraries

Digital Library

You are about to enter the DjVu digital library, where you will find treasures ranging from renaissance printed leaves to the latest scientific papers, from European comics to financial documents, from mail-order catalogs to restaurant menus, from Gutenberg's Bible to Thomas Jefferson's handwriting. Note: The texts of the DjVu Zone Digital Library have been updated to 3.0 versions. If you do not already have the 3.0 DjVu Plug-in installed on your system, you will need to download the 3.0 Plug-in before you can view the documents in the digital library.

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Our applications page illustrates many ways that DjVu offers document/image management and deployment solutions.


COMPARISON OF DjVu AND JPEG FOR PHOTOS. DjVuPhoto, DjVu's wavelet-based image compression technique is optimal for photos, paintings, and other continuous-tone images. Here is a head-to-head comparison of DjVuPhoto and JPEG for photos of various resolutions and qualities. DjVu can produce files about half the size of JPEG for the same quality, with the added advantage of progressive rendering, and low-memory usage. There is also a paper entitled DjVu: Results and Comparisons which includes tables of results comparing the compression ratios of DjVu with other formats for documents of various types.

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